As I came across small details that could improved the listening experience I made objects to solve these problems. Once I made physical prototypes I understood the requirements of the physical objects enough to refine them into a 3D modeling project.

One of the problems I came across was in the method of displaying, storing and playing LP albums.

Another nuisance was in hanging headphones with out denting the headband padding.

There is also the frustration of long hair getting caught in the joint of the headphones.

I wanted to create simple fixes that compliment the art of the music and artwork of the albums with out causing a distraction.

Design process

As I design, I make a lot of experimentations with clay, paper and wire first. It allows me to rapidly model prototypes and have something real I can manipulate and change easily. In a production perspective, It's also a fast and simple way to think about all of of variables and catch problems sooner.

I realized 3D models of my prototypes to bring them together as a final product.

Work by

Kalya O'Donoghue