RISD and MIT came together to work with the Marriott in order to transform the classic brand to a sleek vision of future travel.

As technology becomes more and more part of our daily lives peoples habits have changed.

We now work on laptops, often sitting on beds or in a lounge chair. The Marriott realized this and proposed for us to create a chair that combines the side and task chairs of a hotel room. In researching this concept we realized that not only have peoples work habits changed in relationship to their devices but there has also been a shift towards more casual customs when we eat, communicate and relax.

Over a range of different ages and professions we found a pattern of habits.

"I fidget and slouch no matter what chair I'm in."

Minali, 36yo

"I don't want to feel like I am still at the office. The hotel room is a place for escape. I hardly use the desk. Instead I work on the bed."

Jonah, 25yo 

"The side chair is a place for me to put my bag and clothes"

Michelle age 52

Technology and the slouch factor

In the room guests are constantly using their personal electronics. Instead of high tech approach we looked to compliment technology they are already using. We studied how people sit while using their electronics, and how they use current furniture.

Work by

MIT: Qifang Bao, Debbie Nguyen, Ernesto Reza-Garduno, Megan Roberts, Todd Rosenfield, Mitchihiko Yoden
RISD: Kalya O'Donoghue